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Precision CNC Milled

We didn’t just want a good looking golf club, we wanted a golf club that was stunningly beautiful, CNC milled to produce consistency and looks second to none.

Best Materials

Because we use the best possible materials and manufacturing processes’, the first decision was simple, cost could not be an influencing factor.

PowerBand Technology

The UNITED PBD, has been designed and tested, redesigned and retested, and is now absolutely the finished product we had set out to achieve.

British Design

All the UNITED design is complete in house in the UK. Our ethos is to have a brand that is very clearly British in its styling and finishing. We use state of the art CAD work to constantly improve our design features.

Multi Alloy Materials

We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge when it comes to research and testing of the latest materials. Multi metal construction is something you will see across the range.

Advanced forged clubs

When we are designing our forged clubs the key factors are feel, playability, sound and performance. We use true one piece forging made from S25C and S20c depending on the model.

With an ethos of ‘Designing a modern UK golf brand using the best possible materials and manufacturing processes’, the first decision was simple, cost could not be an influencing factor.

The Journey To United

United Golf JourneyThere are a number of factors that have influenced club design, particularly irons and wedges. The nature of the ground where they are used, the technology and materials available to make them, the rules to what could or could not be used and science and computer aided design. Irons were made by blacksmiths until around the end of the 19th century. As a result they were heavy with large hosels to hold the hickory shafts. The invention of drop forging in the late 1800s meant better irons could be mass produced.

Probably the most important change was in 1908 with the move from smooth faces on the irons to the grooves we use today. This gave a greater amount of control over the golf ball, especially from longer grass and sand.

Since the 1980s, computers have been used increasingly to design clubs and balls. Materials such as graphite shafts and titanium have come into widespread use. The final phase has seen the adaptation of computer aided design (CAD) to club design. This has enabled designers to push boundaries further.

United utilizes this CAD work and unites it with the latest in premium forging and precision cnc milling to create the most advance forged clubs in golf.

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