Premier Shaft

United Golf Premier Shaft
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The new high carbon Premier shaft has been designed specifically to work along side the new wood line up. The light weight mid torque shafts give a mid/high launch whilst keeping the spin rate down.

The shafts have a centre section with extra strength with the carbon laid in multi directions to reduce twisting, this giving more consistent shots and less dispersion.

Length Weight CPM Torque Butt O.D Tip O.D Tip Parallel
+/-2.5mm +/-3g +/-8 +/-0.5 degree +/-0.2mm +/-0.1mm +/-7mm
Premier Wood 1683/46" 47 240 5.2 15.3 8.55 100
Premier Iron 1041/41" 51 335 4 15 9.45 130

Premier Irons