The UNITED PBD, has been designed and tested, redesigned and retested, and is now absolutely the finished product we had set out to achieve. Power Band Design technology, unique to UNITED, enables our woods to redeliver the lost load (energy) at impact back to the face. In standard drivers at impact the head deforms and energy is lost, with PBD Technology the head snaps back into shape and the energy is regained giving longer shots. The aerodynamic design ensures the head glides effortlessly through the air with the least amount of resistance caused by turbulence. Again, as with the irons and wedges, the woods and hybrids in the range leave nothing to chance and the aesthetics are breathtaking.


Powerband Technology
United Golf Powerband Structure

The Skeletal Structure of the PowerBand gives the body extra Strength

The Band maintains the head structural integrity meaning no energy is lost at impact.

All energy is transferred from the face back to the ball and not lost though the sole and crown.

United Golf Powerband Structure

United Forging

With an ethos of “Designing a modern UK golf brand using the best possible materials and manufacturing processes”, the first decision was simple, cost could not be an influencing factor. With this in mind we set out to find and work with the best in the business to produce stunning golf clubs. For UNITED irons and wedges our forging house utilises what we were adamant we required, a 1 piece forging process which, in our opinion, is a fundamental requirement to produce a golf club that not only performs, but also has stunning feel, giving the golfer the feedback they deserve from every shot. Secondly we wanted our product to go a stage further than the norm. We didn’t just want a good looking golf club, we wanted a golf club that was stunningly beautiful, cnc milled to produce consistency and looks second to none. And finally, we wanted our products to be accessible to all golfers, no matter what level of ability.

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